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Equality in the Buckeye State

We’ve spent 40 years creating the most powerful movement for LGBTQ+ equality our country has ever seen. But despite this progress, our many of us are still suffering from violence, discrimination and fear. Our goal is to ensure that all LGBTQ+ people are treated as full and equal citizens.

That’s why The Human Rights Campaign fights has invested in Ohio with full-time staff to multi-city steering committee groups to work alongside lawmakers, activists, partners and influencers at the local and state level.

Communities in Ohio

HRC has activists and volunteers across Ohio each with initiatives and events based on local priorities for LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Find a team in your area and become an official HRC Steering Committee Member

Meet our HRC in Ohio Staff

HRC has invtested staff in Ohio to advance equality, Meet and mobilize with them as we gear up for this election and more equality forward.

State Scorecard

Not applicable: Housing
Not applicable: Employment
Not applicable: Hate Crimes
Not applicable: Public Accommodations
Not applicable: School Anti-Bullying
Not applicable: Education
Not applicable: Transgender Healthcare
Not applicable: Anti-Conversion Therapy
Partially supports: Gender Marker Updates On Identification Documents
Supports: Marriage Equality & Other Relationship Recognition
High Priority to Achieve Basic Equality
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Your Elected Officials

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Portrait of Tim Ryan

US House | Ohio District 13

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If you are a reporter seeking up to the minute information about measures in this state, please email press@hrc.org and/or subscribe to our daily tipsheet.